As we approach the upcoming family holidays, we pray that each of you will cherish the time God blesses you daily and that you spend time with loved ones.  During the Advent Season which is the period of spiritual preparation, Christians express praises and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Advent season begins Sunday, November 28, 2021 and ends on Saturday, December 25, 2021.  Throughout this season, let us all celebrate together by Praying, Believing and Living in honor of the spiritual themes: Hope, Peace, Joy, Love and Christ.  

  From the Desk of

Pastor Christopher C. Kirkland Iii

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Pastor Christopher C. Kirkland III &
First Lady Angelia Kirkland


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Worship Service 11:00am

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Bible Study 7:00pm 


Due to Covid-19 the church building is closed, services are held via zoom.
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Season of Advent
Nov 28 : Hope
December 5:  Peace
December 12:  Joy
December 19: Love
December 25:  Christ


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